Gary Goldschneider interview

Recorded for the English Breakfast radio Amsterdam, where me and Gary both live, we sat down at his home where he played me a few tunes and we had a wonderful conversation on his latest book: Everyday Astrology.

In this audio segment only a quarter of the entire conversation is used for broadcasting but it does give an insight into the life and the mind of Gary Goldschneider. Raised in America and being a mutually talented musician and astrologer it was clear to me that his mathematically well organised mind has been helping him throughout the last 70 years of his life.

Gary also played a short composition for me on his grand piano- as he says- the grandest grand piano of Amsterdam-which you can hear when we play it in the back of our conversation.

YDU at Hermitage Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Hermitage museum was proud to present 10 designers: Young Designers United- based in Amsterdam they were mentored by Claes Iversen – an upcoming Danish/Dutch designer also showing at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week- and showed each a mini collection inspired on the current exhibition ”at the Russian Court”.
On the 27th of January this event will take place once more. By then the exhibition will have been seen by no less then 700.000 paying visitors.
Please listen to radio interviews: click on the link below.


Mila Turalic

Director of the film Cinema Komunisto explains on her first encounter with Avala film:
”I first went into the Avala Film studios when I was a student in film school. Sent there to get equipment for a student film, I found myself overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the place. It was immense, a ghost town of abandoned and rotting sets, out-of-date equipment, empty film lots and unemployed technicians. And nobody had ever told me anything about it.”
In this radio interview she talks about some of the other ingredients in the film and her fascination with them.

The Rainbow Warriors of Waiheke Island

After seeing the documentary film ”The Rainbow Warriors of Waiheke Island” by Dutch director Suzanne Raes I decided to dedicate a special hour to it and I also invited two former crew members- Rien and Martini-of the (in)famous ship of Greenpeace to join us live in the studio through a telephonic conversation in which we all shared a few thoughts on the film itself, Greenpeace activities and the future for the next generations of people seriously concerned with our planet and it’s resources.


The Pipe

Director Richie speaks to me and Mike Berry live on his wonderful documentary about a small village in Ireland fighting for their rights and sanity against the giant Shell, who wants to drill for oil and gas just of the coast of their lovely village and hence trying to bring a pipeline straight through their countryside.


Kat von D

Writer of the tattoo chronicles but firstly best know for the TV series Miaimi Inc. Kat von D came down to Amsterdam and had a chat with us in the studio very, very early in the morning after a jetlag and us all in need for good coffee. That day at least 10 other interviews were to take place with Kat somewhere else in Amsterdam so we all take it easy.



Kinshasa Symfonie

Live interview from Berlin with Martin Baer – director.
Two hundred orchestral musicians are playing Beethoven’s Ninth – Freude schöner Götterfunken. A power cut strikes just a few bars before the last movement. Problems like this are the least of the worries facing the only symphony orchestra in the Congo. In the 15 years of its existence, the musicians have survived two putsches, various crises and a war. But concentration on the music and hopes for a better future keep them going. Kinshasa Symphony is a study of people in one of the world’s most chaotic cities doing their best to maintain one of the most complex systems of joint human endeavour: a symphony orchestra. The film is about the Congo, the people in Kinshasa and the power of music.