I studied film and photography and I have been working with a wide range of disciplines and artists. This site enables you to see a part of the photographic work, reports through media like print media, radio and dvd video production.
It will also give an idea of what my direct artistic influences are.

From an early stage in life I have been taking pictures of performers on stage.
Later I got more interested in the lives of artists and people in general and documented these through interviews and images on video.

Trying to travel extensively and being among a diverse kind of people and their trades, customs and beliefs is part of the quest and an extensive part of my research in life.

Being part of exchange programs and working, traveling, living and exhibiting elsewhere have always been great experiences. Meeting and researching ”the other” is a great stimulant and of great importance to my work.
Language and form are key elements. These are essential in all things.

I will also continue working in the field of fashion and design, theatre, film, contemporary music and opera among other artistic disciplines.

And last but not least:
Combining and mixing photography, music and video production – I enjoy these especially.

I hope you enjoy it too.

Alexander Roberto Moust